Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Muslims in U.S. struggle with alienation

From March 3rd.

By Sarah Gantz

This article reports on the results of a poll given by the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies. I personally enjoyed the section where they incorporated pie charts and bar graphs to display the results. It was a nice touch & gave the story some variety.
Overall, I feel like the article was well done. It provided the most notable statistics for the Muslim population and compared them to the other religions. The article was very thorough and I didn't feel like there were any unresolved questions. The only direct quote comes from the first Muslim elected to Congress, Rep. Keith Ellison and the only indirect quote comes from an analysist for the Gallup Center. I think that since the article is about the Muslim attitude in the US, it would've been beneficial to get some comments from everyday Muslims who would've been polled.
Also, the final line in the article attributes experts to saying that the feeling of alienation is a product of 9/11. However, it doesn't say who those experts are or when they even said it.

OVERALL: Interesting layout, good use of statistics, would've appreciated some more direct quotes and more specific attribution.

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