Sunday, March 29, 2009

After years of growth, ethnic press industry hit hard by recession, steep advertising decline.,0,6987332.story

This article is about how ethnic newspapers are suffering from the economy. These papers are intended to help immigrants/minorities keep in touch with the news from their home countries as well as in the US. Often written in their native language, it helps those who speak little English stay connected.

I've come to notice the differences in writing styles between Trib writers and AP articles. This was an AP article.

I think it did a good job with sources, which included owners of the periodicals as well as people that advertise in them. It would've been nice to get some reactions from readers of the periodicals in question, but I think including that might have loosened up the writing.

I think this article did a great job of showing the lesser known impacts of the economy. It went beyond the basic news of the decline of ethnic periodicals and expressed their importance in immigrant communities, weaving the two effectively. It also includes some prospective looks at what could happen to the newspapers in the future.

Overall, I think this article was concise, newsworthy, and effective.

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